Friday and Saturday, June 29 and 30


7136 Cherrywood Court

Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City


Living estate sale on Old Mission Peninsula - filled to bursting, LITERALLY! This sale will cover every square inch of the condo, the sprawling basement, backyard and driveway. That's how much great stuff is here! 


Sale includes beautiful furniture, an incredible assortment of all things kitchen/dining, LPs and 8-tracks, and HUNDREDS of items of clothing, shoes, boots -- new/like new -- and in STYLE!

  • hundreds of items of clothing - skirts, sweaters, pants, shirts, bras, coats, hats, scarves, mittens, boots, shoes - clothing/shoes are in beautiful new or like new condition and SHARP!
  • fur wrap
  • jewelry
  • bedding, linens, towels
  • humidifiers, fans, heaters
  • sewing machine, sewing notions
  • folding screen room dividers
  • book shelves
  • wall hanging, artwork, frames
  • Fenton glass, blown glass, candle holders, candles, other knick-knacks and collectibles
  • chairs, side tables, coffee tables of various sizes and styles
  • Christmas decorations
  • cleaning supplies
  • vacuum cleaners
  • upright and chest freezer
  • mirrors of various sizes and styles
  • twin bed
  • dressers
  • shelving units
  • standing coat hanger
  • jewelry boxes
  • decor with Asian influence
  • desks and office chairs
  • tubs, plastic drawers, organizational supplies
  • several sets of china, as well as casual dinnerware
  • flatware, including two sets of silver
  • office supplies, paper, mailing supplies
  • record player
  • boom box, head phones, speakers
  • LPs, 8-tracks, CDs and DVDs
  • grill, lawn chairs and table, lawn ornament
  • Drexel sideboard and dining cabinet - BEAUTIFUL
  • Kitchenaid mixer, hand mixers
  • power cookers, crock pots
  • pitchers, choppers, bakewares, cookware, kitchen tools
  • hundreds of cookbooks!
  • lawn tools, hand tools